Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of REALTOR® Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, Inc. is to act as the primary resource and active advocate for its members through its communications and products, continuing educational activities, proactive management of community issues, networking opportunities, and other professional endeavors.

The REALTOR® Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, Inc. accomplishes this mission by establishing and maintaining the highest standards of professional practice; serving as forum for the exchange of information and ideas; acting as an advocate for its member agents and brokers; and being a leader in shaping consumer opinion about the REALTOR community and its service in society.


The impacts of a volatile market, a new consumer, the increasing influence ofTechnology, and a challenging economic profile are combining to create a new real estate market environment locally, regionally and nationally. The Association is guided by a set of values that form the foundation from which its members carry out their professional responsibilities. These values are the basis for the services the Association provides to its members and, through them, to the general public.

Commitment to Members: Encourage and positively impact the success and profitability of member brokerages through cooperative enterprises. Additionally, create a strong member affinity and powerful multi-generational Greater Fort Myers REALTOR® community to provide an exceptional membership value for all membership constituencies.

Professional Practice: Ensure that members are committed to upholding the highest standards of professional service and ethical conduct in order to support, maintain and strengthen the Greater Fort Myers REALTOR® community.

Professional Support: Promote an atmosphere of mutual support, respect, engagement and learning, known as coopetition. It is through this exchange of ideas, information and experiences that best practices are further improved, and that common issues and challenges are best addressed.

Education: Provide excellence in the Associations continuing education programs. Through Real Estate Advanced Learning (REAL), member knowledge of regional economics, brokerage operations, consumer preferences, local community dynamics and real estate performance statistics will be enhanced.

Community Service: Build and maintain a powerful and influential presence within the professional, regional and economic segments of the Greater Fort Myers Area. Influence regional development by advocating and articulating the Fort Myers REALTOR® perspective that is in its members and neighbors best interests.

Member Benefits

The Association provides its members with the following benefits and services:

Proactive Public Relations
The Association speaks out on behalf of its membership through ongoing public relations initiatives. Specifically, the Association provides ongoing media relations and outreach to key constituent groups and uses statements and advisories to comment on and support member initiatives that it believes are positive for the community as a whole. The goal is to shape opinion on the importance of using a REALTOR® and bring to the publics attention the positive contributions of REALTORS® Making a Difference.

Benchmarking and Best Practices
The Association conducts ongoing discussions with its members. These discussions provide a basis from which member feedback is incorporated to enhance strategic business decisions. In addition, the Association periodically meets with brokers to document prevailing practices among member companies, enabling its members to see how their practices compare to those of their peers.


The Association conducts a series of public and private events in support of its members’ businesses. Specifically, the Association brings its perspective to the marketplace through local market events and trade shows for the real estate community. In addition, the Association hosts private monthly breakfast forums on topics of interest to Association members, and an annual recognition program to honor members’ achievements and community efforts.

Sales Support

The Association provides ongoing support of its members’ sales and marketing efforts. As part of the Association, members receive:

  • Research and industry briefings to support and train member sales staffs
  • Sales support materials, including signs, printed brochures and promotional items
  • Industry outreach and advocacy


Southwest REALTOR®, a monthly newsletter, covers the latest industry news, sales tips, local initiatives and course schedules. Weekly e-mail blasts provide members with breaking news on strategic initiatives, community activities and upcoming events.

Continuing Education

The Association develops both on-line and classroom training based on a career specific profile for members that not only enhances agent and broker knowledge, but also ensures members success in the marketplace.

Coordinated Legal/Legislative Strategies

The Association develops and maintains supporting relationship with other professional trade groups with respect to legal issues and legislative matters that affect the real estate industry. The Association provides representation and develops positions in conjunction with other industry leaders with whom we share common cause to achieve the maximum impact before Congress and the Courts.