Supra Keybox

Supra iBox
Today, Supra electronic KeyBoxes are used on over 2.3 million
homes nationwide. As world technology advances, Supra delivers KeyBox
solutions that integrate both old and new technology.
IrDA (InfraRed) communication has been used for many years in TV
remote controls. Today this technology has advanced and is now
prominent in cellular phones, laptop computers, printers and personal
handheld computers. The addition of IrDA to electronic KeyBoxes
provides an “open architecture that permits the use of many types of
PDA devices.” The “point and transmit” function allows agents to securely
open KeyBoxes without the key ever touching the box.

Supra KeyBox Functions

Standard features:
• KeyBox shackle code required to open shackle and custom
program KeyBox
• Low-battery warning level
• Supports IrDA communication
• Design is smaller, lighter, more stylish
• Stores 3 keys
• Replaceable IR lens
Communication range:
• The communication range will vary from about 3 feet to less
than an inch depending on ambient light conditions
Storage capacity:
• Stores the last 100 accesses
• Recorded entries include agent identification and date
and time of entry. Electronic flyers, messages and listing
agents business cards can be stored in the KeyBox and picked
up by listing and/or buyer agents
Key access:
• KeyBoxes are only opened by a valid agent key
Access time restriction:
• Can block up to one restricted access time per day for:
– Weekdays (Mon-Fri)
– Saturdays
– Sundays